Before you start your cleanse here are a few things to do to get your body ready for the process. Three days before you should start drinking eight glasses of water per day. Now is also the time to start eliminating the foods you know you should not be eating on a regular basis (fizzy drinks, fries, chips, fast food, alcohol)

During your cleanse. Start each morning with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. Space your juice about two hours apart through out the day. The bottles are numbered in order in which you should drink them. Have at least one glass of water between each bottle of juice. If you must eat try eating just raw vegetables.

After your cleanse you want to gradually go back to eating solid foods. Purchasing a three day soup cleanse is the best way to get even more from your cleanse. If you are unable to get a three day cleanse please follow the instructions below.

First day: Have fresh fruit and vegetables plus 8 glasses of water. Second day: Add in grains and nuts (stay away from any foods you may have an allergic reaction to, to be safe stay away from foods that are not gluten-free)

Third day: Add in meats, fish and poultry.


Use this cleanse as the beginning of a whole new way of living or all the benefits of this cleanse will be lost down the road if you go back to your previous was of eating.

Don’t forget to make exercise part of your lifestyle. Again, thanks for your support from Kent Farmlands Soups and Juices





How much weight will I lose from the juice cleanse and the food cleanse combined?


Mark lost one stone from the food cleanse alone. Pam lost 7 pounds from our juices. Our trainers and coaches don’t lose any weight, we just use the programme to cleanse. So, the answer is it depends on how much extra weight you are carrying. The idea is to get to your natural healthy weight by getting a healthy jump start.  



Why is everything done by hand? Would it not be cheaper to use machines?


Why do we clean and juice our cleanse by hand? By cutting off the area around the stem and the bottom of the Apple  and then rewashing the product we ensure that bacteria and mold hiding places are removed. Carrots are soaked, scrubbed with a stiff brush and then the ends are cut off before juicing. These processes do take time, so what does this mean for you? It means that it will take longer for the nutrients to degrade and less off a chance of any mold or bugs in our products. In the past would never encourage young children to drink unpasteurized juice but I would encourage them to eat fruits. With our cleaning process I now take juice home to my daughter as a once a day nutrient drink.


Why do your Label look so bad?


We once had nice shiny labels and one day one of our clients asked me if our product containers are environmentally friendly. So we started using recyclable materials and biodegradable labels. When they get wet, they start to break down but they are still legible.