We moved to Medway Kent from london just to get a better quality of life. The number one benefit of this move was that it exposed us to the natural beauty of Kent and the friendly farmers.

In the early days we just reproduced what other juicers were doing. We used commercial juicers, and then cold press juicers. We strained out the fiber and then gave our clients psyllium husk to add fiber.

Wait.. Take out the fiber and then add it back in. After looking at some of the other accepted cleansing practices we decided to research all the other aspects of cleansing by juice and cleansing with foods. We then changed our formula and processing procedures.

The next big thing we introduced was flash freezing. We had to educate our clients as to why, although more expensive to produce, this procedure ment your juice would be fresher and the enzymes or nutrition would not degrade.

We are constantly looking to bring a superior product and the only way to do this is by learning more about our craft and implement those changes that will benefit our clients.

So far we have learned that keeping things simple is the way our body responds best.